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Workforce Development Training Initative:

Leadership Development: 

Students learn the importance of leadership.  They will find that leadership is a powerful tool necessary for business success.  Students will attain and understand what intangible assets contribute to the growth of others and self. Students will also conduct case studies and make presentations.

Effective Team & Group Dynamics:

During this phase students learn to work as a team and receive understanding that success comes from relationship building and collaborations and the importance of partnerships.  Students will also understand the importance and the power of unity and that success occurs in numbers. Students will collaborate presenting group case studies.

Values Clarification & Self Esteem:

Students learn and understand that attitude and ethics go hand in hand in building ones character.  They will understand the importance of Integrity, Honor, Courage and Trust to include Self-Motivation necessary for business success.

Conflict Resolution:

Students  receive intangible characteristics necessary to defuse violence and develop critical thinking skills in problem solving.  They will learn the importance of brainstorming.  Students will utilize techniques developing constructive thought processes. Students will also develop live mock situations and conduct presentations.

Career Development Program:

Students will be guided through actual job interview sessions.  Training to include: marketing oneself, tools for success, confidence building, resumes, cover letters & presentations.  Workshops include:  Professionals to make presentations in specific career fields to students. Students will begin to identify career options and begin actual on the job training through business internships from external sources.

Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy Training Program: 
Upon completing the Entrepreneurship Training Program Students over the course of study will identify, develop and create their own business from business concepts learned and will incorporate that business with the Department of State Division of Incorporation.  Students will not only be employable but will become employers themselves. Students will explore entrepreneurship; learning how to develop, own and operate a business; using computer based material and text: to include education in stock options, research investments, mutual funds, securities and business ventures.  Students will understand the importance of wholesale, retail, cost of goods sold, barter, trading, goods and services, record keeping, budgets, and components and knowledge of developing business proposals & plans. Students will learn to incorporate businesses and establish accounts for their actual business.


The youth visited the Blacks In Wax Museum located in Baltimore Maryland. The youth were inspired and realized that whatever they put their mind to they can acheive their passion and aspirations. The voices of the one's that came before us say, DO NOT ENSLAVE YOURSELVES TO DRUGS, ALCOLHOL AND MURDER! WE DIED, SO THAT YOU MAY LIVE! SO THRIVE, SO SOAR, LIKE NEVER BEFORE!


A glimpse of our youth during the creating of an entrepreneurship project.

Developing business skills through role play of a mock business interview


Services Provided
Advocacy and Support

Advocacy & Support:  Business Leaders of TomorrowLEC provides advocacy and support to families whose son's or daughter's are facing probation time within the legal system.  A BLOTLEC designate speaks to the childs attorney's, listen to parents concern, conducts house visits and detention visitation if child is in remand and divises a plan for the release of that child to enter into the workforce development program as an alternative to incarceration and detention.  BLOTLEC designate also conducts one on one meetings with probationers probation officer to devise a plan as a preventive remand and incarceration measure as incidents occur while youth are in program attendance. BLOTLEC also accompanies family members of the detainee to court appointments as a means of support during critical times providing encouragement.