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Business Leaders of Tomorrow Leadership Empowerment Ctr. Inc (BLOTLEC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit volunteer driven charitable organization with New York State Education Department Certification founded in November 2002 by Rachel Gordon. At age sixteen Rachel found herself like many youth of today’s society, homeless and alone. She not only understands from a text book point of view the depressed state that our youth face on a daily basis, but she has also experienced a great deal of these hardships.  After all that life had to offer her she decided not give in to oppression but she used all of her tribulations as a springboard to relieve our youth of some of the barrier that they may face. Rachel is now sowing a seed of prosperity into her community by aiding at-risk youth and other disadvantage populations that society often frown upon.  The organizations objective is to teach youth ages 11 and 21 the importance of leadership and the role they will play in society as productive business leaders by teaching leadership empowerment and entrepreneurship.

The mission is to teach, build, empower and to develop all people across the globe instituting programs in leadership, mentoring, counseling and entrepreneurship: emerging leaders with Integrity, Purpose and Vision.

Over the past 4 decades juvenile court delinquency caseload as grown inmensely.  In 2005, courts with juvenile jurisdiction disposed more than 1.70 million delinquency cases. Let's face it, this problem didn't just start this morning, or yesterday afternoon. 

Delinquency cases disposed, 1960-2005

 Internet Source: http://ojjdp.ncjrs.gov/ojstatbb/court/qa06204.asp?qaDate=2005


BLOTLEC provides and institutes leadership development and entrepreneurial work shop programs serving approximately 65 youth held in probationary, custody by the New York City Department of Probation (NYCDOP) for the next fiscal year.  BLOTLEC also service youth enrolled in foster care, detention centers and group homes.

The organization has been in collaboration with the NYCDOP since February of 2004.  The leadership program has served as an alternative to incarceration and detention for the youthful juvenile offenders. 

The leadership training program:

  • Empowers youth to become productive individuals
  • Youth increase their understanding of business concepts
  • Youth increase their knowledge of harmful effects of at-risk behaviors and they build upon personal values,
  • Youth increase their confidence and self-esteem.

  The workshop program curriculum is as follows:

1)      Leadership Development

2)      Effective Team & Group Dynamics

3)      Values clarification & Self Esteem Building

4)      Conflict Resolution/Anger Management

5)      Career Development and

6)      Entrepreneurship

Upon program completion the graduating youths are celebrated and receive awards and certificates during a ceremony given in their honor.  Currently BLOTLEC has serviced more than 250 youth in faith based organizations, public schools, court systems, detention centers, and private schools.  BLOTLEC promotes teaching and continues to outreach into other educational and confined sectors in the Borough of Queens.

The organizations current activities and programs develop:

1) Positive characters (team building);

2) Productive means to critical thinking;

3) Problem solving job development skills and

4)  Youth business leaders.

BLOTLEC has a great and unique opportunity to further its missions to serve young adults 14 to 21 years that are involved with and/ or released from the institutional systems of foster care; group homes and detention centers. 

Unfortunately, young adults 18 years and older, receive limited or no support from government systems that at one time ensured their life achievements due to age cut-off requirements.

BLOTLEC currently is in a registration process to be recognized by the New York State Education Department as a Business School.  In doing so, young adults will have a chance to develop their skills, talents, abilities and entrepreneurial spirits, becoming employers themselves and entering into a job market as part of the career development course offered by BLOTLEC preparing them with job training skills.
The motto is “Train for Hire” in a specified occupational field.  Through this educational stream students will achieve greatness and success.

*Please note that delinquency offenses are acts committed by juveniles that would be crimes if committed by adults.

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